Characteristic Education

Primary School

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School adheres to the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of modern innovation. It has opened seven classes of 35 special community courses covering martial arts, zither, seal cutting, robot production, animation, etc., so that each student can according to their own interests With hobbies and self-selection of societies, giving full play to their special talents, showing their individuality, learning from their strengths, and diversifying their development, in a colorful community, the uniqueness of the bloom is splendid.


Ghost dance

The shuffle is also known as Melbourne Shuffle (Dance), which originated in Melbourne, Australia. It belongs to a kind of power dance. There are many styles of shuffle dance. The nature of each style is different. Some people only know that the shuffle dance is drifting away. In fact, it is not only that. There are many changes in dance steps and there is a lot of room for innovation. While DTS Tutoring Society teaches the basics of dance, it will also allow students to experience more music and dances that truly explain music. Community name: Dance Through the soul literally translates "Dance through the soul." It is hoped that the trainees will not only simply perform actions, but also be able to feel the dance with their heart so that they can jump out of the "cross-soul" dance.