Characteristic Education

Middle School

Community activities are a very important part of the campus life of our junior middle school students. At present, there are 11 student clubs in the middle school, covering art, sports, academia, science and technology.

Being bilingual, people-oriented, and individuality, the students joined the clubs according to their hobbies and interests, and various community activities enriched the amateur cultural life of the students and cultivated their overall quality. In the community, students exchange and cooperate to display talents, inspire inspiration, achieve individuality, and develop specialty. Various forms of community activities have become a beautiful landscape of our campus culture.


English Theatre Society EC

Confident and optimistic, do yourself the best! You are the king of the English stage!

The English Theatre Association (EC) rehearses English plays in English. Through social activities, children can interact closely with foreign teachers, speak fluent spoken English, inspire children to learn English, and guide their children to learn English. Correct learning and practice; through English drama performances, children can experience the charm of Western culture, discover different self, children will be more open-minded, good at self-expression, full of confidence and vitality!