School Profile

School Profile

Established in 1996, Baoding  Eastern Bilingual Schooll is a full-time private boarding school including kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools approved by Hebei Education Department and Baoding Education Bureau. The school is located in the middle section of the East Second Ring Road of Baoding City. It is located in the Greater Beijing Economic Circle, only 120 kilometers away from the Beijing Municipality, on the east side of the school and adjacent to the Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway. The transportation is very convenient. Baoding Oriental Bilingual School is an ecological garden-style school with a strong cultural heritage. It is regarded as a place of outstanding talents and a place where talents come in.


School Honors

Our school adheres to the purpose of cultivating highly competitive international talents in the 21st century and has trained a group of outstanding talents with outstanding quality. The school’s social image has won an excellent reputation among the people. Our school’s good performance has also been recognized by superior leaders. It has been awarded by the Ministry of Education: “National Excellent Private Primary and Secondary Schools” and was awarded “Hebei Provincial Private Office” by Hebei Province. "Education Star School", "Hebei Province Garden-style Unit", "Hebei Province School of Punishment and Trustworthy Schools", Baoding City awarded the "Municipal Private Education Famous School", "Baoding School Safety and Stability Work Collective", "Pingding City Public Security Prevention "Advanced unit", the northern municipal government awarded our school "a prominent unit in educational performance."



School Size

The school has a total investment of 100 million yuan and covers an area of 180 acres. It has modern teaching buildings, student apartments, foreign experts building, science and technology building, electric education building, library building, comprehensive restaurant, track and field stadium with 400 meters of standard runway, and basketball court. , children's casinos, etc. As of now, the school has more than 3,300 students and 236 teachers, making it one of the larger private schools in the country.


Campus Environment 

Baoding  Eastern Bilingual School has a comfortable and elegant ecological garden-style campus environment, with a green area of 63%. It has a unique “eight gardens” in Baoding University: Cherry Blossom Garden, Lilac Garden, Yulan Garden, Taoli Garden, Friendship Garden, and Baihua Garden. Pomegranate Garden, Peacock Garden. There are flowers, evergreens, flowers, and trees in the three seasons on campus. Together with excellent school spirit and style of study, we have built a harmonious campus culture atmosphere, comfortable and comfortable campus life.




Advanced Teaching Concept

Baoding  Eastern Bilingual School is an international school that integrates world-renowned and high-school schools such as Eaton Middle School in the UK, Louis XIV Middle School in France and Saint Paul Middle School in the United States. "Education from China and the West to make every piece of gold sparkle" has trained a group of high-quality talents.



Diversified school characteristics

1. Small class teaching, primary school class no more than 45 people, junior high school class no more than 50 people, can read accommodation;


2. Personalization, respecting individual differences in children, 26 kinds of school-based courses such as musical instruments, dance, vocal music, painting, go, zither, paper-cutting, martial arts, and seal carving, so that each child can select his/her favorite subject according to his/her specialty and interests. , Learn to have expertise, personal development;


3. Upholding the essence of traditional Chinese culture and the spirit of modern innovation, we have vigorously developed and organized six major classes and 33 kinds of community courses, creating Star Theatre, information society, English EC drama club, photography society, small reporter association, radio station, English corner, etc. Each elementary and middle school student can choose a course according to his or her specialty, interests and interests, and learn specialties.


Colorful campus culture


Our school carries out a variety of campus cultural activities, entertaining and entertaining. It is like spring rain, moistens the material to nourish the heart, purify the soul, sublime the thought, and enhance the taste.


The main cultural events of the year include: “The Speech under the Flag” series of educational activities, “Learn Lei Feng, do civilized students” activities, the development of behavioral habits, the “military training” activities to hone willpower, “Thanks to their parents, "Thanksgiving School" theme class activity, spring "Kite Culture and Arts Festival" inspirational education activities, autumn "big campfire" activities, "61" literary and art show and so on.


Leading care


Our school has received the care of leaders at all levels in its founding and practice.


On the morning of September 7, 2012, Zhang Meiying, the state leader and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, accompanied by Liu Yongrui, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC, and Yan Chunlai, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, came to our school to inspect the work. Baoding Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Ning, Mayor Li Qian and city leaders Cui Qihui, Wang Huixin, Li Zhigang, Yan Liying, Chen Zhanguo visited Vice President Zhang and participated in the discussion.


On the afternoon of June 19, 2013, a group of five people led by Du Kewei, deputy director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, came to our school to guide the work. The provincial and municipal leaders who came to accompany were: Zeng Chaomin, deputy director of the Education Department’s basic education department. Liu Dianbo, Director of Bureau of Education of Baoding Wang Shaolian, Deputy Director Zhang Guozhong, Director of Basic Education Department Sun Yingjie, Deputy Director Liang Kuicai, and Deputy Director of the Northern District Culture and Education Bureau, Wang Wenyu, and Section Chief Liu Jiliang of the General Education Department. CCTV, China Education News and other news media interviewed the delegation.


On June 13, 2016, Yan Chunlai, the president of the Hebei Private Education Association (former Deputy Director of the Department of Education of Hebei Province) and Secretary-General Liu Guiling, visited our school.


On January 5, 2017, Zheng Zhiyi, the deputy director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, and Feng Jian, the director of the School Administration Division of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, and an inspection team of the Ministry of Education composed of Zhu Xi, and 3 people, were present at the Provincial Education Department’s school. Shi Jianping, Director of the Safety and Stability Division, and Zhao Lianyun, a cadre, Wang Guoliang, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Education of Baoding City, and Xu Guozhong, Director of Legal Affairs and Safety Division, accompanied us to a special inspection of our safety work.


On the afternoon of September 12, 2017, a four-member “Chuangcheng” Inspectorate consisting of Liu Tonghui, Director of the Private Education Division of the Municipal Bureau of Education, Director Wang Guoliang of the Director of the Old Department, Cui Haitao of the Personnel Department, and Zhao Jing of the Chuang Cheng Office visited our school. Examine the work of "Chuangcheng".


No matter how impetuous the world is, twenty-one years have always focused on education. The thick cultural heritage is the confidence of Baoding Oriental Bilingual School!