Kindergarten Introduction

Baoding Eastern Bilingual Kindergarten enjoys a unique advantage: sharing school hardware resources with other departments, and having large space for activities; sharing excellent teacher resources with the primary school, for example, the current primary school art teacher teaches kindergarten students; and kindergarten Teachers are all tutored from the primary school and all graduate from professional college teachers.

Baoding Eastern Bilingual Kindergarten has the following characteristics in the curriculum setting:

· With bilingual teaching in both Chinese and English, children can access English from the kindergarten stage and communicate in simple English.

· There is a young convergence program. It ensures that the preschool children can smoothly transition to primary school on the psychological and cognitive level.

· Establish special courses such as dance, martial arts, clay sculpture, painting, develop children’s intelligence, cultivate children’s talents, and seek out children’s interests.

In teaching, kindergartens pay attention to cultivate every child's interest in learning. In the language class, a large number of ancient poems and nursery rhymes are accumulated, and competitions are carried out to let children fall in love with learning. Read through the picture book in the reading class to develop children's ability to read and express. Math opens a logic dog course to let children touch abstract thinking in the game.

Baoding Eastern Bilingual Kindergarten can live and study, adhering to the concept of “caring for each child”. The head teacher and teacher in charge of the class accompany the children 24 hours a day. It is our goal to make the children’s favorite teachers.

At present, the school-age children of most of our school staff are enrolled in Baoding Eastern Bilingual Kindergarten; the recognition of employees is a mirror of kindergarten quality education.