Primary Department Introductio

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School Elementary School upholds the school's “Give every piece of gold sparkling” education concept and “starts every child's development” as the starting point and end point of the work. Each teacher strives to be a teacher who loves the students and will take care of every child at the top of his job. In the crucial period of children's personality style, they respect the differences of children's personality, encourage students to think and innovate, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, cultivate students' personalities, develop good habits, and cultivate superior quality, laying a solid foundation for their children's lifelong development.

First, teaching results

In terms of teaching, various subjects such as the number of foreign languages in our school have ranked among the top in the urban area for many years. In the final of the 18th World Olympiad Mathematical Contest in China in February 2018, Ge Junzhe, a 3rd grade student of our university won the National Gold Medal, and was the youngest gold medal winner in Baoding City (only 3 gold medals in Baoding); and in Baoding District The middle and fourth graders Sun Baihong and the fifth grader You Zhixiang won the first place in the city's two grades. Six students scored in the top ten in grades among more than 3,300 candidates from 26 schools in the city. The primary school English drama "Lion and Mouse" and "Snow White" won the National Collective Program Gold Award and was broadcast on the CCTV Science Channel.

National Gold Award winner - Gejunzhe

Fourth grade Sun Baihong World Olympics first place in the city

The fifth grade tour Zhixiang The first place in the city

In the colorful campus activities at the elementary school stage, the children changed from individual speeches, individual participation, and audience viewing to “letting each child participate”! Every child has the opportunity to participate in the show. The "Kite Festival" in March, the "Hanami Festival" in April, the "Family-Friendly Garden" in May, the "Mid-Autumn Festival Moon" in September, and the "New Year's Eve" in November... The school provides children With a variety of activity platforms, the teacher retired behind the scenes and pushed the original teacher to the child. Organizations and planning are students. Arrangements, performances, and interpretations are designed by students. In the face of difficulties and challenges, students are actually the protagonists of activities. Every child can stand on his own stage, have confidence and become the master.

The children’s ability to think independently and manage themselves goes deep into their learning and habit development process. The fourth-year students will use high school mathematics to challenge the teacher. The fifth-year student administrator will remind the teacher to go downstairs at any time. Some potential students in the sixth grade will secretly make use of other people's rest time to borrow the lights of the corridor and do not understand.

Second, the curriculum system

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School Elementary School strictly follows the requirements of the country and region to open and complete all kinds of courses to ensure excellent learning outcomes for students in all subjects.


Children are engraved with community classes

Not only that, our school has also set up many free and unique courses, so that each child can have skills and become parents in the eyes of others' children. The primary school department has set up seven categories of 35 community courses (see the Characteristic Education Module for details), such as Chinese painting, zither, robotics, calligraphy, martial arts, taekwondo, and football. Traditional cultural courses such as seal cutting, paper-cutting, Chinese painting, and calligraphy are deeply loved by children and have represented Baoding City, Japan, and the United States on many occasions. They have also interacted with visiting guests from various countries to demonstrate the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Each student can apply for learning according to his/her interest in learning. The students continue to explore their potential in the study of social classes, find their own range of interests, build confidence, and have professional interests.


Children study plants on small farm

Third, we must integrate campus-based and off-campus resources to develop school-based curriculum. The Primary School Division fully utilized 63% of the campus’s green area and many unique advantages of birds. It established the “Small Farm Research Group” and “Bird Exploration Team” and other activity groups. It initially formed research results and wrote “Eastern Bilingual Flowers and Trees”. . Teachers and students also discovered through research that there are more than 13 species of wild birds in the school, more than 300 wild starlings, 13 species of birds, including wild sacred animals, cuckoos, and owls, and 4 species of peacock. Captive birds, these findings provide a wealth of resources for students to study birds. Through activities such as "Flower-seeing Festival" and "Picking Festival", students are drawn to a deeper understanding of the characteristics of plants and exercised the students' expressive ability and creativity in the activities. For example, the students made beautiful brooches from the processed ginkgo fruit. Special prizes for outstanding students and VIP guests.


Students study animals in a peacock farm

Third, teachers


oreign teacher teaches elementary school students

There are 113 teachers in the primary school and a group of outstanding young and middle-aged teachers. The average age is 32 years old. Of these, 73 received awards or recognition from municipal level or above, and 38 of them received awards in papers at or above the municipal level.

The school has hired national special grade teachers Ji Chunya and Wu Zhengxian to attend teacher training for the proofreading teachers. At the same time, they have visited the schools of Tsinghua University Primary School and Beijing No. 11 for many times to provide an efficient platform for teacher development and improvement.

One of the greatest strengths of Eastern bilingual teachers is love. The famous educator Sukhomlinski said: There is no education without love, and teachers who can care for the students with a heart and soul have a positive attitude, a strong sense of responsibility, and a lot of wisdom. The country's demand for teachers is also to educate people first, but it cannot become a teacher of a certain discipline. Our teachers took out their own salaries to buy prizes for children. When the weather was bad, they bought masks for children in a class. They took rain and drowning one by one to send the children to their parents. Under the guidance of the children, they fell in love with the study, compared to schooling, stealing studies, and there was no physical punishment for teachers and corporal punishment in disguise in the East. There was no place for children to fear. This is a school without fear!

Fourth, study methods

1, go. Students who live closer to their home. Choose your way of reading. Students can go to lunch and lunch break at noon. The homework can be returned home or completed at school. There are nearly 200 parking spaces at the school gate for parents to pick up and drop off.

2, boarding. The school currently hosts more than 1,500 students. Implementation of food, accommodation, education integration services and management, "self-care, learning autonomy, self-esteem, self-reliance, health and self-reliance" as a boarding education purposes. Students are trained to develop good living habits, self-study ability, and consciously observance of order. In the process of self-planning, self-management, self-service, self-assessment, learn to live, make arrangements for rest and rest, pay attention to scientific sleep, pay attention to physical exercise, and form the basic ability of self-consciousness.