Introduction to junior high sc

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School Middle School adhering to the "integration of ancient and modern, learning Chinese and Western, let each piece of gold sparkling" school idea, to cultivate both the noble moral qualities, but also the "qi family, rule the country, the world" big pattern The development of high-quality talent.

There are 28 teaching classes and 102 teachers in the middle school. Each subject has a high moral character, superb professional skills, and academic leaders with outstanding achievements in the middle school exam. The Faculty attaches great importance to the construction of teachers' morality and ethos. The teachers advocate the “professional, professional, and devotional” teachers’ professional ethics. Teachers' behavior, morality, sentiment, and personality are used to cultivate students and promote students’ “self-development”. ,"Harmonious Development".

The Middle School insists on implementing first-class quality education and conducts a series of innovative education, frustration education, patriotism education, rules education, and Chinese traditional culture education to improve the overall quality of each student. In addition, Sun Sports actively develops activities such as basketball games and long-distance running in winter to ensure the physical and mental health of students and a positive attitude. It also lays a good foundation for the future further development of students.

The Secondary School actively develops distinctive courses. Currently, there are more than ten student clubs such as ghost dance, photography, information, and basketball. The campfire party and the New Year's Evening Party have become the most popular traditional classic activities of the students. In these activities, the students release their youth. Vitality, showing individual talents, expressing strong teacher-student friendship.


2017 Senior High School Student: Cai Ziquan

The results of the teaching in the middle school are excellent. In the previous surveys in the Lotus Pond District, the total score was ranked first! At the end of 2018, in the final survey of Lianchi District, the scores of the first, second and third grades were all far ahead of the others and became the leaders of secondary education in Lianchi District.

The results of Baoding’s senior high school entrance exam led private schools and won the first place in private schools. Bilingual students are located in Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle School, Hengshui University, and Baoding Middle School! The 2017 mid-term exam created a new century! The on-line rate of Baoding's No.1, No.2, and No.3 players is as high as 68%, and the rate of high-school on-line high school is as high as 100%! The 2017 graduate Cai Ziquan took three firsts: a score of 649 in the middle school entrance examination, a rigorous physical fitness test first, and a multi-dimensional psychological test first admitted by the aviation experimental class! Achieve zero breakthrough in the history of recruitment of private schools in Baoding! Baoding Eastern Bilingual School has become the first private school in Baoding that has trained pilots!


The Middle School of Baoding Eastern Bilingual School attaches great importance to home-school communication and formed a home-school education combination through various means such as seminars, parents' meetings, telephone calls, and WeChat. Create a good environment for our common children. Many parents say: "It is a three-year period to study in a bilingual school and lay the foundation for a lifetime."

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School in the Middle School depends on scientific management, excellent team of teachers, and a harmonious teaching environment. It will surely train more and more elite students so that every student can become "brilliant for their own achievements." "Proud people", every student can become the spokesperson for the Baoding Eastern Bilingual School, and add to the Baoding Eastern Bilingual School in Baoding.