Teaching policy

22 years of education dedicated to "human studies" to make every piece of gold sparkle

In 22 years since its establishment, Baoding Eastern Bilingual School has consistently adhered to the philosophy of “integrating ancient and modern, learning Chinese and Western, and making every piece of gold sparkle” and adhered to the principle of “people-oriented, moral, and personal development and guidance for each student”. Human education.

Our school is committed to the standardization of services and individualized training. We take each student seriously and give it full consideration. It can truly achieve full development. Not only now but also in the future, it will have a lifetime of happiness and become a noble moral character. There are also high-quality talents who have developed all aspects of the “great family, country, and world” pattern.

Our school has been implementing the guiding ideology of “Four Persistence”, namely, adherence to the concept of “integrating ancient and modern, learning Chinese and Western, and making each piece of gold sparkle” combined with the school motto of “pursuing truth, seeking truth, seeking change, and innovation”. Adhere to the student's moral, intellectual, and physical development and the development of students' personality and expertise combined: adhere to the teaching of regular work and teaching research work carried out simultaneously: adhere to both strict and standardized management and create a relaxed and harmonious humane environment management model.

Our school has a scientific and standardized student management system, through the theme of class meetings, flag-raising ceremonies and a variety of style and community activities for students patriotic education, ideal education, thanksgiving education, inspirational education, rules education, self-discipline education, financial education, frustration education Innovation education. Twenty-two years of accumulation created the righteousness, atmosphere, and extravagance of Oriental bilingual students.

Our school vigorously promotes classroom teaching reform, creates "precise classrooms", and advocates independent learning and self-management for primary and middle school students. Through the teacher's attention to the implementation of various teaching tasks, such as doing a good job of hierarchical teaching, single counseling, mentoring and other work. The school attaches importance to school-based teaching and research. The principal, middle-level cadres, teaching and research group leaders, and lesson preparation team leaders form a leading group for teaching research. They strengthen team building in the subject group and grade group, and follow methods such as follow-up classes, examination routines, consultation discussions, and collective outings. Improve business standards and improve classroom efficiency. Business research and learning reflection have become an important part of teachers' daily work.

Our school actively develops characteristic courses and quality education. At present, there are seven types of 35 clubs in the elementary school, and more than ten clubs in the middle school, and 2 club classes per week to ensure that every child can find his own interests while gaining full-scale development. , Learn from others. In learning and practice, we constantly enrich and enhance self-cultivation and moral sentiment.

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School is committed to making every child a person who "is proud of his personal dignity" and "a person who is proud of the light of his accomplishments."

The first-class campus, first-class management, first-class teachers, and first-rate results have created the brilliance of Baoding Eastern Bilingual School, which has received high praise from parents and the society!