School Life

Restaurant History

The Baoding Dongfang Bilingual School Restaurant is divided into two floors, a primary school dining area on the first floor, a junior school dining area on the second floor, which can accommodate more than 3,000 students dining, a wide range of restaurant cuisine, and a combination of science, rationality and nutrition. Balanced, but also has a halal window to meet the dining needs of different students.


(Baoding Eastern Bilingual School clean and tidy restaurant)

Our school has always insisted that “never eat from the child's mouth” and seek profiteering, food prices strictly control the cost price, to ensure that each child eats well and eats enough. Every week, the school matches the growth needs of students and different seasonal characteristics with delicious nutritious meals.

(Nutrition-rich meals in school restaurants)

To ensure food safety, our school restaurant strictly selects the purchase channels, strictly controls food safety, and contracts with businesses to ensure that no “three nos” products are introduced into the campus. In 2017, the Baoding Food and Drug Administration commissioned Beijing relevant departments to conduct inspections on our school. All the indicators of our school restaurant were qualified. During the parental opening day, parents visited the restaurant and evaluated “food safety, delicious food, and intimate service”.

The school restaurant has a high-quality management staff and a team of chefs and cooks who are well-qualified chefs. Each employee must undergo post-job training to be accepted. The examination rate and pass rate of all staff in the restaurant are 100%.

Each day, the chef will carefully select the ingredients and strive to make every meal taste, flavor and taste, ensuring food hygiene and nutrition. "Serving the whole staff with all our heart and soul" is the service principle of our school's restaurant. The chef of our school is also constantly innovating. We often seek advice from students to make adjustments, and strive to make dishes suitable for students' tastes, so that teachers and students can find the feeling of home.

In order to enable students to eat well, the school has established and improved the restaurant management system. The restaurant has purchased modern cooking equipment such as rice cookers, vegetable cutters, and sterilizers. From food processing to standard management, everything is done. Tableware disinfection is used to standardize the process. , Ming kitchen bright stove, color distinctions and other methods to create a clean, safe on-site operating environment and ensure the quality of food. The restaurant also has a special sample retention cabinet. It has a 48-hour sample retention system to ensure absolute food safety.


Every day, under the guidance of a living teacher, primary school students enter the restaurant for a meal, and a meal-taking system is adopted. The life teacher prepares meals for the lower-grade students and takes care of them. The restaurant has a principal on duty, a director with meal system, and always pays attention to the student's meal situation.


(Life teacher adds meals to children in restaurant)

The restaurant culture is also an important part of the campus culture construction of our school. In combination with our school’s philosophy of running schools, the cultural construction of the restaurant is fully reflected in: saving food, gratitude to others, standard dining, and nutrition, etc., and creating a “civilized meal” for the entire campus. The new trend has enhanced students' sense of thrifty, eliminated the phenomenon of waste, and made civilized meal a real conscious action.