High School Introduction

Baoding Oriental Bilingual School was established in 1996. It is a full-time boarding and day-run private school including kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school approved by Hebei Education Department and Baoding Education Bureau. Named "National Excellent Private Primary and Secondary School" by the Ministry of Education.

We use the brand and word-of-mouth that all bilingual people have worked hard for 24 years to build our foundation. We are committed to building a nationwide 12-year consistent education unit with demonstration role, good reputation, high quality, unique and first-class education. Effort.

School idea

School philosophy: integration of ancient and modern learning between China and the West makes every piece of gold sparkle School motto: Seeking truth, seeking truth, seeking change and seeking new

Campus hardware environment

1. Ecological education, Shuxiang campus

Our school advocates the practice of practicing in nature to realize the harmonious growth of man and nature. It allows children to feel the richness and beauty of life in nature, and to gradually improve their intelligence, emotions, and will in a natural environment. "In nature" education, "about nature" education, and "action for nature" education will be realized in this garden-like campus environment ······

The grass, the tree, the tree, the stone, and the painting on the wall have sound, color, shape, and air. Here is filled with the tranquility of the culture and harmony of the book, carefully created eight rare gardens in the city, there are flowers in three seasons, evergreen seasons, tranquility, a little ink, Lang Lang reading sound, the school campus is as good as it is.


2. First-class campus hardware facilities

Baoding Oriental Bilingual School has domestic first-class hardware facilities. The campus is designed by experts from Tsinghua University. The layout is reasonable and the functional division is obvious. The school has built modern facilities such as plastic playground, basketball court, table tennis court, STEAM maker space, science laboratory, 3D stereo sound classroom, dance room, library, etc. to provide a solid guarantee for the growth of students.




First-class standard laboratory


A Grade Restaurant in Hebei Province

Famous schools and teachers "double first-class"

In order to ensure the first-class teaching level, our school has carefully built a management team and a teacher team with famous teachers from Beijing high school famous schools. Each of them has more than 10 years of front-line management and teaching experience, and has advanced teaching concepts and Teaching methods, broad teaching thinking, rich teaching resources, and cultivate many outstanding students of Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous schools.

Our school has advanced school-running concepts and a perfect student management system. It combines Beijing’s famous teachers, integrates Beijing’s educational resources and Hebei’s education model, and enables students to enjoy “double first-class” education and management. It has high quality, high ability and high score, and finally rushes to famous schools in the country and even the world.

The following is a brief introduction of some high school leaders and teacher representatives:

High school teacher


Wang Bei

Special teacher in Beijing; Famous teacher in Beijing; National well-known college entrance examination expert; Master tutor of Capital Normal University; Many years of teaching experience in Beijing No. 2 Middle School; the students taught have multiple students admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University; admission rate of key universities Up to 100%.

Leader in Chinese


Teacher Xing

Special Teachers in Beijing; Key Teachers in Beijing; Supervisors for Master Students in Capital Normal University; Member of the District Education and Research Center; Leader of Beijing Key High School—Beijing Twelve Chinese Language Education and Research Group; No. 1 in Science in Beijing and No. 8 in Beijing Both of these students are from the class she teaches.


Mathematics leader

Beijing mathematics teacher; the teacher in charge of the senior high school repetition department of the High School Attached to the Beijing People's Congress; 21 years of teaching experience; the class brought by 16 years of senior high school graduating class experience; 99% of the college entrance examination and 90% of math scores


Leader in Physics

Famous teacher in Beijing; former physics teacher in Beijing Zhongguancun Middle School; teaching director and excellent class teacher; 100 students were promoted to the top 100 universities in the world such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Sydney and Melbourne University

Outstanding high school graduates

During the period of 1996-2006, the high school department of our school has achieved very brilliant achievements, and the outstanding students trained have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, Zhejiang University and other famous schools. Students from the International Department are located in world-class universities, including Carleton University in Canada, Duke University in the United States, and Sydney University in Australia.


Unique teaching model

Eastern Bilingual School combines its own management, brand advantages and the advantages of teachers brought by famous teachers in Beijing famous schools, and combines Beijing teaching model and Hebei teaching model, and is committed to creating a completely different high school suitable for future talent growth.

In teaching, we insist on "teaching without law, teaching is also good", each student is unique, with students as the center, for each student tailor-made growth plan suitable for their own development. Through the team of famous teachers, create accurate, efficient and energetic classrooms; by continuously encouraging students to learn independently, enhance students' interest and self-confidence in learning, and stimulate students' motivation to learn.

In the classroom, adhere to the principle of encouragement, use motivation to awaken the driving force, use achievement to stimulate self-confidence, and make learning a happy thing.

From "I want to learn" to "I want to learn", from "learning by myself" to "learning together" to "comparing to learning". In learning, students find that learning fun, fun brings enjoyment, enjoys stimulate participation, participates in promoting discussion, discussion brings deep learning, deep learning enhances higher-order thinking, higher-order thinking promotes the improvement of learning ability, enhances and stimulates greater Learning fun. This is a virtuous circle.

It requires knowledge and ability, high score and high quality!

We believe that every student is a piece of gold to be sculpted and has unique potential and qualities. Recognize the difference of each child, respect each child's personality, guide and tap, and eventually every child can shine.

Our seeds

Our ideal students, the future "seeds" of the Oriental Bilingual School, we hope that they will have such qualities-good moral character, love learning, dare to think boldly, have creativity, determination and execution.

They and the famous teachers will work together to create a vibrant magnetic field environment, attracting every student to move forward and work hard, be brave to change and challenge themselves, and influence each other to achieve each other.

If you want to spend an important stage of your life in a vibrant and challenging high school, welcome to Oriental Bilingual School.


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