Ten years of grinding a sword, casting a brilliant one hundred days! Baoding Eastern Bilingual School holds the 100-day swearing-off ceremony for the 2018 mid-term exam


It is also a year of spring benefits.

In the blink of an eye, the horn of the final exam has been sounded!

On the afternoon of March 14, the Baoding Eastern Bilingual School held a grand ceremonial meeting of the "Made in Ten Years, One Hundred Days, and Brilliant Successes" in the 2018 mid-term exam. The swearing oath, the loud shouts, the raised arms, and the firm face demonstrated the determination and win-win beliefs of all bilingual junior high school students in the decisive battle for the final exam.


(The 100-day swearing-up meeting was presided over by Drainage Director)


(Enthusiastic junior students)

Review Three Years of Bilingual Time

100 days is the 100 days of sprint. It is also the most fulfilling and most meaningful 100 days. It may be full of hardships every day, but it will be the most memorable time in the life of junior students. The three-year bilingual study time is coming to an end. The students have gradually grown up and have stood at the first turning point in life.

The swearing convention opened the curtain in a warm opening video. The video recorded the students' serious examinations, the pace of running hard, the teacher's teachings, and the parents' ardent support.



Watching the video, recalling the three years in the Eastern Bilingual School, many students burst into tears.

Sharing from classmates inspiring


On behalf of the junior high school student, Hou Jiaqi spoke. She recalled three years ago, she entered her bilingual door with her dreams. Now she is young and young, and she has reached the moment of sprint. She also shared the success factors with her classmates: diligent, practical, scientific, and efficient. He also called on the students to grasp the present, pragmatically study, and plan their review time scientifically.

The teacher from the teacher cares sincerely

Every sentence is a proverb and a piece of love. In the past three years, bilingual teachers and classmates have been living together from morning till evening.


First of all, on behalf of all the teachers, Teacher Ma sent sincere blessings for the third grade students and spoke brilliantly from both the time and the scientific preparation. Teacher Ma also gave the students a lot of preparation suggestions, such as attaching importance to basic exercises, improving the efficiency of class listening, and doing a good job of summarizing and sorting out the wrong title.


The third grade teacher on behalf of Mr. Sun gave a sincere and affectionate narration of his own graduating class teaching process. The escort can not help but cry. She asked all the students not to let one hundred days of slack, in exchange for a lifetime of regret, hope that the students must be brave. To meet and represent all the teachers of the third grade level, Xu promised solemnly: Even if you get tired again, all the junior high school teachers will fight side by side with you to do the most solid backing for you to increase your momentum to reach the other side. Climb to the top of the ladder.

Support from parents Warm and powerful 

Parents are the warm harbor for children. Parents' representatives also bring their opinions. The father of Wang Xinuo of the third grade brought a wonderful speech to the students around the topic of “love” - precisely because there was such a loving principal who created a high standard school and had such a loving teacher. The team cast the bilingual "immortal brand"!


Zino dad said on behalf of all the parents of the students: "Teachers, you have worked hard, thanksgiving have you! Children, fight it, we will always be your strong backing."

Concern from leaders, long-term focus

The Director of the Political Affairs and Education Department, Xu Xuan, brought an article entitled “What is the difference between ordinary high school and key high school” for the students. Mr. Xu’s remarks focused on the students and expressed their deep expectations and blessings to the students and gave the students full coverage. Confidence and encouragement, called for junior students to seize the final time, round their dream of a prestigious school!


(Secretary Xu, Director of the Political Affairs Department)

铮铮 vowed to win the confidence of bilingualism

Finally, under the leadership of the student representatives, all the students of the third grade solemnly declared their oath. The oath of the students was strong, the momentum was undulating, and they echoed for a long time, making all the junior students enthusiastic!


"For the ideal, get up early and read the morning!

For the goal, night and night!

One hundred days, examination room exercises,

We will never retreat!

One hundred days, the examination room

We will be able to win!

One hundred days, I have to fight

Sprinkle my ideal bud with sweat!

One hundred days, I want to sing

Use action to honor my youthful promise! ”

At the end of the event, along with the music of “I Believe” and “Beyond Dreams Fly Together”, all the teachers and students of the third grade were signed on the huge banner of “Ten years of grinding a sword and making a brilliant one hundred days”.

(The third grade students sign on the banner)


(Photos of all junior high school teachers)

Ten years of swords and swords.

As soon as you try, you will be happy in June!

Through this hundred-day swearing meeting, junior high school students will turn the swearing oath into practical action! Believe that bilingual students will be down to earth, practice vows, and work hard to create new brilliance in the 2018 examination.

I wish the Baoding Eastern Bilingual School a 2018 mid-term exam, and then pass on the success!