My school Ge Junzhe students won the Olympic gold medal!


In February 2018, over 6,000 mathematics elites from all over the country gathered in Tianjin to participate in the 18th WMO World Olympic Mathematics Competition (China) finals. Baoding Eastern Bilingual School, Baoding, the 35th university in Baoding, has lived up to expectations and won the national gold medal.



The World Olympiad is based on the world's top teaching philosophy and is the leading mathematics event in the world. It pays attention to students' ability to innovate, teamwork, and problem solving. It is committed to selecting the most creative children and developing their ability to lead the world in the future.

The gold medal coaches pre-exam training for the players, with a focus on thinking training courses.


Lu Qin, a nationally renowned education expert, delivered a special lecture for the children.


Congratulations to Ge Junzhe! May you open up a land of your own with wisdom, talent, courage, and perseverance, and create greater glories in the future of mathematics.