The new semester kicks off and pays tribute to the good spring! The opening ceremony of the new semester is held in the middle school of our school

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The bilingual campus in the early spring is alive and full of hope!

The new semester carries new dreams and opens new chapters. On March 16th, teachers and students of the middle school in Baoding Eastern Bilingual School gathered to hold the opening ceremony for the second semester of 2017-2018. The headmaster of the junior school, the senior director of the Academic Affairs Office, Director Liu, and the junior and senior school directors attended the opening ceremony.

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[Review] Three Grades All Ranked First in Lianchi District

New semester, new goals, new hope! The opening ceremony was hosted by Director Liu of the Junior Middle School Academic Office. Director Liu said that Eastern Bilingual School is a famous university in China with a beautiful campus environment and deep cultural heritage. As a bilingual person, it is extremely proud to be able to study in such a famous university. I hope that the students will continue to work hard and make new achievements in the new semester. The glory!


The Senior Director of the Academic Affairs Office summed up the excellent results achieved in the previous semester, expressed congratulations to the achievements made by the students, and paid tribute to all the teachers who worked hard.

★ In January 8th, 1818, the junior middle school of Lianchi District was ranked among the top 19 publicly-run schools in the region. It ranked first, and achieved a total score, an excellent rate, and a pass rate of three. District first!

★ In January 2018, Lianchi District, the first grade, the second grade and the end of the unified examination, the first and second grades of our school won the championship in Lianchi District, and won the first prize in the entire region in 19 publicly-run private schools. The victory of all grades!

Achievements cannot be achieved without the hard work of the teachers behind them. Afterwards, all the junior middle school students stood up shouting: "Teacher, you have worked hard, thank you teacher, teacher, we love you!" A warm flow of love spread all over the bilingual campus, and many teachers secretly wiped away the tears from their eyes. Students, we love you too, and make the opening ceremony very warm.

【Rewards and honors】Focusing on excellence

At the opening ceremony, outstanding class members who had achieved remarkable progress in the first semester and had outstanding performance were commended, and the Classroom Excellence Award and the Holiday Assignment Excellence Award were awarded. The teachers of all grades who had achieved excellent results were awarded the final-level unified measurement award. Representatives of each class and grade director accepted the honor.

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Director Liu said that these achievements have benefited from the strong learning atmosphere of the school, and it is inseparable from the conscientiousness and patience of the junior middle school. It is also inseparable from the hard work of the students. She called on all students to align with outstanding students and learn the power of role models.

[teacher's speech] teacher's teachings

On the 1st of the same year, the teacher representative on behalf of Teacher Yan brought wonderful speeches to the classmates, “Happiness is Committed,” encouraging students to work hard on the ground in the new semester. Grasping the present, studying in the new semester requires planning and establishing themselves. New goals, continue to surpass oneself, only hard work, hard work can get good results.

In the new semester, the second grade teacher on behalf of Yang made a few requests to the students: put aside your heart and be a good student with self-discipline; make up your mind, make clear your goals, and never give up; have perseverance, find difficulties, find ways , to meet difficulties; love, know how to respect teachers, tolerate students, understand parents.


[Collective oath] Excellent bilingual middle school students who do "four are" and "four self"

Afterwards, President Wang made a concluding remark: “Early in the last semester, Junior Middle School had made outstanding achievements in moral education and teaching, and once again proved that bilingual performance is first class, bilingual students are the best, and bilingual teachers are the best. President Wang pointed out that this semester is a time-intensive task. I hope that the students can seize the time and study hard, be ambitious, work hard, and create a bright future.


The second grade student Cui Gaojie spoke as a student representative. She described her own changes in the new semester through her own learning experience. She said that she will firmly work hard and study hard to achieve her goals.

During the semester, the junior middle school raised the call for excellent bilingual middle school students who were “four-in-one” and “four-self”. Subsequently, all junior high school students took the oath. The embarrassing oath, slamming and slamming, rang out loud in every corner of the campus, shouted out the faces of bilingual students, and called out the determination and belief of the junior school to fight hard and face the new semester.


It is also a good spring of the year.

The opening ceremony ignited the passion of students to learn and inspired morale. All bilingual students must devote themselves to seeking knowledge, working hard, gathering dreams, and creating miracles. They will continue to write new brilliances for the Eastern Bilingual School in Baoding.

The most exciting life is to struggle, the most beautiful young people fighting hard, come on, bilingual students!