Good news! Baoding Eastern Bilingual School won the first of three districts in Lianchi District


Happy news

In the just-concluded Lianchi District Junior High School Examination, Baoding Eastern Bilingual School ranked first in the middle school and scored another great achievement! Achieve the first of three districts (19 schools in total, including all public schools and private schools):

The total score is the first in the district.

Excellent rate in the district first!

Pass rate is the first in the district!

The examination was unified by the topic of Lianchi District, and the entire district conducted a collective online marking process. The scores were fair and just, and the gold content was high.

The total score is the first

The average score of our school is higher than that of the second place by nearly 10 points, occupying an absolute advantage, which fully proves that the Eastern Bilingual School has the strongest overall strength and the highest quality of students in the entire area!

Excellent rate of first

There are nearly 5,000 junior high school students taking the test in this examination. The number of outstanding students in our school is the highest, and the ratio is the highest, which indicates that the on-line rate of our school's 2018 middle school entrance examination key middle school will be able to climb the peak again.

Pass rate first 

It highlights our school's education concept of "Give every piece of gold glittering". There are no illiteracy in bilingualism. Everyone can become talented!

Hereby, to all teachers and students and parents!

Thanks to the hard work of the bilingual students, thanking all the teachers for their selfless dedication, thanking all the parents for their support and the love of people from all walks of life. The Baoding Eastern Bilingual School will continue to work hard, keep forging ahead, strictly manage the science, care for the students and lay a solid foundation for the students' lifelong development. Solid foundation, create more glories in the exam!