Baoding Eastern Bilingual School Jia Li as the vice president of the association with Hebei Private Education Association visited the United States in Canada


From October 21, 2017 to November 2, 2017, President Jia Li of Baoding Eastern Bilingual School visited the United States and Canada with the education delegation of Hebei Province as the vice president of the association. President Jia, as the vice president of the Hebei Private Education Association, actively carried out contacts with private and domestic private and domestic educational and research institutions both inside and outside the province, organized visits and inspections, and strengthened exchanges and cooperation with each other. During the 13-day visit and exchange study, President Jia continued to absorb, internalize, advance with the times, and reform. Standing at a new height, through new perspectives, it has made new adjustments and plans for school education, teaching, and management.

Inspecting key colleges and universities

American Leadership Academy        

The U.S. Leadership Academy is a full-time government charter school. The school special topics course is Art Sports & Leadership. The American Leadership Academy is committed to providing all students with a challenging, innovative and results-oriented education.


(Right) Photo with the head of the Leadership Academy, Maulcel (left)

Morrow High School       

Morrow High School was founded in 1965 and is located in the city of Chiho, San Francisco Bay, California. Every year, 99% of students go directly to university after graduation. The school pays great attention to scientific research. One of the research results has been sent to space for testing, and the other is about to enter the deep sea with submarines.


Principal Jia Li (left) and Principal Muror High School (right)

Harvard West Lake Middle School       

Harvard West Lake High School is a top-of-the-range male and female mixed day preparation college preparatory school, grade 7-12, established in 1989. The school is a top private school approved by NAIS, the California Department of Education, and more than 30% of its graduates each year are promoted to the top universities in the United States. The school features physical education and art education.


President Jia Li (right) and Harvard West Lake Middle School Principal (left)


Members of Hebei Private Education Association hold a photo at Harvard West Lake Middle School

Los Angeles Highlands Middle School      

Los Angeles Highlands Middle School is a K-12 middle school in California that was established in 1978. The school’s choir and sports education are very famous. The school has set up a four-year intensive English catch-up program for foreign students to ensure that students have full experience in American education.


President Jia Li took a photo with the senior secondary school principal and the director of the marketing department

Kelanan Secondary School of the Vancouver Board of Education       

Killarney High School was established in 1886 and is one of the two largest schools in western Canada. The school is dedicated to the development of characteristic education. Its field of practice involves all walks of life. It fully guarantees the convergence of middle schools and universities, and allows each child to clearly identify and select the most suitable professional discipline and direction before entering the university.


President Jia Li (right) took a photo with a principal of the campus and an education officer of the Vancouver Department of Education

Bo Yu Middle School       

Bo Yu Middle School is a private boarding school for men and women in Canada. Founded in 1991. Enthusiastic teachers, student advisors, and life tutors, under the guidance of clear tasks, goals, and values, actively promote education for students and create a loving learning environment for students. The school offers grades 8-12 courses and academic preparation courses AP, teaching using small classes to teach.

Our school has established friendly and cooperative relations with the above-mentioned schools, which has created more opportunities and possibilities for our students and teachers to go abroad to study and go abroad. During the visit, members of the delegation also visited the famous Stanford University in the United States and the University of British Columbia. They were also warmly received by the Education Bureau of Vancouver, Canada.

Eastern Bilingual School's Foreign Exchange

The Baoding Eastern Bilingual School is the first batch of international schools in Hebei Province. During the establishment of the school for more than 20 years, it has actively conducted international visits. There are more than 20 countries where the school leaders go out to visit and establish friendly schools. There are more than 30 countries across the world. Many delegations from all over the world visited our school.

Baoding Eastern Bilingual School adheres to the global perspective and firmly adheres to the concept of “integrating ancient and modern, learning Chinese and Western, and making every piece of gold glitter”. It regards “seeking truth, seeking truth, seeking change, and innovation” as the school motto, and takes the path of education internationalization. , Steadily develop foreign affairs, study and implement the national education policy, develop and utilize international educational resources, learn from elite schools, and take the road of unity; develop internationally and take the road of innovation!


The first international students of our school, Zhang Hao and Qi Jiansheng, entered Carlton University, Canada.

Convince the success of the prestigious school, reflect on our educational practice; learn from the successful experience of famous schools, improve our educational ideas. Studying learning is an opportunity and innovation and development are the goals. The Baoding Eastern Bilingual School will work hard to cultivate international talents with high learning quality and high innovative ability, and to create international first-rate schools and build internationally-renowned brands!